Day 6 of Spring Training 2010: Two games at two different places

(Click this link to listen)

One victory (5-4, vs. WhiteSox) and one defeat (2-6, vs. Brewers).
I believe its a brief stop, Ichiro-san!
Tremendous Tui (3-for-4 and one SB), I’ll be looking forward to your next game!
Keep on, Adam Moore (6/9 in 3 games without any no-hit break)! 


  1. cookandsonbats

    Even in the loss, we had 12 hits. So the offense is moving a long nicely early in the spring. I’m really pulling for Adam Moore because he is the first player Tim ever met (at spring training 2008). Great to see him doing well. Thanks for your comments on my Ice Cream Helmet project entry. Much appreciated and a great idea. Do NPB teams have ice cream helmets?

  2. nao

    Thanks for your comment. I am also impressed by Adam Moore in this Spring Training season and hope he will be an offensive catcher like Mike Piazza and Kenji Johjima (in his days in Japan and first two years with Mariners).
    In Japanese ballparks, ice cream is usually served in paper or styrofoam cups intended for single use. No special design characteristic of the home team is available for such single-use take-out food containers. This may be partly because take-out food venders in a ballpark are independent from the club organization and therefore have to pay some license fee to print the club logo on food containers. Instead, there are many unique lunch boxes sold exclusively in the ballpark. They are often produced by most popular players in each club, with each item characterized by a unique package design and unique food contents (e.g., favorite food of the player, food product using speciality food materials obtained from around the player’s home town). The top cover of each lunchbox carries the club logo and the player’s name.
    Example of Nippn-Ham Fighters (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
    Darvish and Inaba were members of Team Japan winning WBC 2009 Championship. You can see two of these lunch boxes, Tanaka’s and Inaba’s, use a stable plastic containers intended for reuse. The design of such player-specific lunch box may be renewed at the beginning of a new season.
    Sorry “Examples of Hanshin Tigers” (Kenji’s new club) is not available now, but Tigers is the pioneer of player-specific lunch boxes in Japan, and Kenji’s lunchbox will be available soon.

    Cat (neko-san),
    Thanks for visiting here again! I am also enjoying the Ice Cream Helmet thread extending day by day like a hitting streak.

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