Day 3 of Spring Training 2011: Invincible Mariners (5-4) Text to Speech

I know this is just the 3rd Spring Training game. I don’t know what comes tomorrow. But how can I keep from celebrating a victory of my favorite team?

#1 to #4 of today’s lineup (Ichiro, Figgy, Bradley, Cust) all extended their 2-game hitting streak. Special thanks to Milton Bradley for game-tying RBI single (scoring Ichiro-san) in the 3rd inning and game-winning RBI double (scoring Figgy) in the 5th inning! Hope this season will be the chance for your real come back, Milton, because you’re such a nice and warm-hearted person. Also thanks to the insurance solo homer at the 8th inning by prospect catcher Steven Baron! (I remember your first Spring Training with Major League players ended one week after it started and you never had a chance to play any game in the Peoria Sports Complex)
Good to see Guti in the diamond again with his name-card single as well as Jack Wilson hopping. Stay healthy throughout this season!

Tomorrow is the first road game in this Spring Training season and it’s exciting to see Michael Pineda’s Spring Training debut. But make sure to score as much as possible while he is pitching, because I hesitate to say other pitchers replacing him are reliable.


  1. blithescribe

    I just found your blog after noticing your comments on Emma’s blog. It’s just the third game, but I’m with you. All wins should be celebrated. I’’m glad to see that Figgy is settling in better this year. He was one of my favorite Angels and I was sorry to see him have such a rough year in 2010. Here’s to a much better season for both of our teams!

  2. nao

    Hi, Kristen!
    Thanks for visiting my first blog in English!
    You are the 2nd Angels fan visiting here, next to Mimi of “Underneath the Halo”. I do hope our Ichiro-Figgins Dual Leadoff lineup will be as powerful as originally intended in the last season. Figgy appears to feel comfortable because he is playing his original position 3B in this season. This will help him settle down and return to his old self in both offence and defence.

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